JCE 3's New Venture Goes Live in Charleston, South Carolina

There's a new business in town and its name is JCE 3. Specializing in customer acquisitions for telecommunication giants, there's a lot of buzz generated with this business opening.

Timothy, JCE 3’s Director of Operations, is excited about this new venture and all the possibilities in store in this growing market. Charleston is a booming city with plenty of activities and business opportunities. Timothy and his team look forward to making their mark on this community that nicely blends history with modern touches.

This isn’t Timothy’s first business endeavor. In fact, the 3 in the name refers to this being the third office. The initials in JCE 3 have a bit more personal significance for Timothy as they represent the names of his greatest productions, his daughters: Jocilia, Cleo, and Evalyne. 

While Timothy and company get ready to meet customers and help their national service partners gain traction in this market, the Director of Operations already has his eyes set three to six months down the road. Timothy anticipates that business will continue to boom, and with that growth, JCE 3 will need to hire between 15 and 20 people and possibly expand their office again!

JCE 3’s Director of Operations Talks Goals and Other Determinants of Success

According to Timothy, success comes from goal setting, which is how he launched JCE 3. A strong vision, careful planning, and continually monitoring progress are elements that leaders like Timothy rely on to reach the next level.  

Not only does Timothy establish goals for himself, but he works with his team to set personal and professional targets, along with business objectives. In fact, goal setting is a major part of the training he and other managers provide. When people know what they’re aiming for, and how to get there, they significantly up their chances of realizing success.

Another factor that ensures the company’s growth is a focus on merit-based promotions. Timothy notes he seeks candidates who can show they have career ambitions from the start. Through nurturing and coaching, they quickly ascend to bigger roles. As these team members move up, this opens the doors for new people to launch their professional journeys with JCE 3.

Timothy looks forward to meeting new people in Charleston who can contribute to this company through potent outreach campaigns that bring home bigger results for their partners. He welcomes anyone who’s seeking more from a career to apply online at the firm’s website jce3llc.com.

About JCE 3: 
JCE 3 has the strategy brands need for top sales. Through one-on-one meetings, brand experts share compelling messaging which feature hooks that resonate with individual customer needs. Each in-person campaign is designed based on a keen understanding of the audience, combined with a quick-to-market approach that capitalizes on early stage sales and maintains price premiums. By using a potent distribution network, this team extends market reach and positions brands for maximum results that place them ahead of competitors. Each initiative is tailored to meet a variety of business requirements for companies of all sizes. Learn more about their precise strategy by visiting jce3llc.com.

Source: JCE 3